Trainee Comments

Here’s what recent participants of EMDR GW’s Basic Training are saying:

Early Spring 2018

I enjoyed the way the course was taught.  Dan used the right amount of discussion, practice, and video.  Dan is very knowledgeable and I hope to have the opportunity to learn more from him in the future.  I feel that my therapy will expand because of this training.  -L.C.

Great course.  I now have many new tools to use with my clients.  A lot of information and worth the time and money!  Thank you so much!  -C.W.

So wonderful; changed my professional outlook and skill set.  Loved getting to know Dan and other participants.  -R.R.

Winter 2018
This training was enriching and informative. I am very pleased and excited to begin with clients.  K.H.

Thank you, Dan, for your contribution to this field and the work you do.  -N.W.

Fall II 2017
I am so grateful for Dan, our teacher, and the group. Dan is incredibly knowledgeable and willing to share from his vast experience even beyond our formal class time. Dan was very responsive to questions and is an inspiring teacher. I am leaving inspired and with deep gratitude for this opportunity to learn.  -C.P.

Thank you so much, Dan, for the enlightening, illuminating experience and sharing your talent, knowledge, and beautiful home with us.  -D.H.

Excellent! I learned so much – my clients will definitely benefit.  -N.A.

Fall I 2017
Profound. I learned and gained more from this training than any other training I’ve ever taken. Dan’s vast experience and ability to share and teach made the training remarkable.  -S.K.

This was a life transformative training for me. The small group format was very effective, the exercises were very helpful and the course content was stimulating and energizing. Totally would recommend to others: Dan’s teaching approach was caring and compassionate which was greatly appreciated!  -C.S.

I feel like my counseling has been taken to a whole new level.  I have a different paradigm from which to operate. Dan did an incredible job. His experience was so valuable. Great experience.  -J.W.

Spring II 2017
Thank you!  I learned a lot personally and professionally.  I look forward to continuing this work and future consultation.  -K.A.

Dan did an excellent job and was a reservoir of clinical experience that was exceptionally valuable.  -P.A.

I have learned more than I expected to.  I know I will continue to try to learn by reading and practice.  Dan is an amazing and engaging teacher!  -B.G.

Spring I 2017
I loved the training and definitely got a lot out of it.  I’m so glad I did the Basic Training via EMDR of GW versus in a big conference room.  I really appreciated the small, intimate practice sessions where we felt safe/comfortable enough to work on real issues.  I look forward to future consultations and trainings.  -M.M.

One of the best trainings I have attended!  Good integration of didactic, discussion, videos, and skill practice.  I am feeling confident to practice my new skills.  -C.B.

Thank you so much.  Both the reprocessing work I did myself and the basic training knowledge gained from this training was life changing.  I am very much looking forward to start helping my clients in the same way.  -C.Z.

Winter 2017
This was the most useful training I have ever attended.  Dan is a master at his craft and a wonderful teacher.  The course was challenging – both emotionally and in terms of learning a large amount of new material.  The videos were very helpful in demonstrating the EMDR process.  Each group practice experience I felt more confident in the new skills.  Having the month break between weekends was good – a reprieve without waiting so long we forgot the material.  -A.G.

I enjoyed this training course and feel that it will be highly useful in my work.  I especially enjoyed the practicums and the videos.  I appreciate your depth of knowledge and your generosity in sharing it – I look forward to continue learning more about EMDR and deepening my abilities.  -D.M.

This training was amazing and extremely informative – probably the single best enhancement to my practice that I have ever experienced.  -A.R.

Fall II 2016
Thanks very much for a most positive experience. I felt I became immersed in the theory as well as practice. Videotape demos were great and illustrated the material taught. Group breakout sessions were very useful.  -T.K.

I am really looking forward to adding EMDR into my practice!  -M.C.

Fall I 2016
I will recommend others to attend Dan’s EMDR training. This is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to incorporate EMDR in their practice.  -J.M.

This was an excellent training and very much met my needs and what I had been looking for. I feel the use of EMDR in my practice will be very beneficial to my clients.  -A.K.

Great location. Learned enough to get started. Experientials are integral to learning and confidence.  -E.M.

Spring 2016
Absolutely excellent!! I’m so excited to us this technique and I feel more so much more competent this time than when I took the first weekend of EMDR Insitute basic training. Most helpful, the videos, but most importantly, Dan’s stories, experience, and practical info. Loved it!  -L.J.

I got so much out of this training. There is so much information to learn, digest, and put into practice. I’m looking forward to the phone calls and future consults. Thank you, Dan, for all that you did to make this such a great and in depth learning experience. The additional, nuanced material you add in is very useful and will really aid in properly utilizing the various aspects and protocols in EMDR psychotherapy.  -L.G.

Winter 2016
Dan, I really appreciated your honesty, focus on relationship, and modeling that you did throughout the process. It was very comforting to me to learn how some of the foundational concepts of memory work can be so simple and so complex all at the same time. I can envision how I can utilize parts of the foundation with many, many types of populations, human needs, and experiences.  -J.L.

This was an incredibly useful course. The material was excellent but was matched by the great value of the instructor. There are rarely opportunities to sit under great clinicians who are also great teachers. Thank you so much for investing in the next generation of therapists. Your wisdom is greatly valued.  -N.M.

Thank you so much for your time, patience, and expertise. I learned a great deal from you about EMDR and psychotherapy in general. It was a true pleasure to take your course, and I believe my work will continue to benefit from your teachings long after the class is over.  -M.J.