EMDR of Greater Washington is located in the Washington metropolitan area and offers basic and advanced EMDR training for experienced and licensed psychotherapists in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area. Co-directors Daniel Merlis, LICSW and Deany Laliotis, LICSW each have 25 years of EMDR training experience. Trainings are also held in other locations at the request of local sponsors. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to organize and sponsor a training at other times or at another location.  Check the Training Schedules section of the website to see the locations and dates of trainings currently planned.  For information how to register for the trainings, visit the Registration Information section of the website.

Intensive Basic Training:

This 51-hour, 6 day intensive basic EMDR training is designed for clinicians who are interested in learning to integrate EMDR successfully into their clinical practice. The training group is limited in size to ten participants in order to allow for individualized instruction. The two-weekend training program consists of lecture, videotape demonstrations, ongoing case consultation, and supervised experiential practice in using EMDR to reprocess  participants’ own life experiences.  This program meets the basic training requirements towards certification by the EMDR International Association (www.emdria.org). The course can be considered an enhanced combined equivalent of the widely-known EMDR Institute, Inc. Level I and Level II courses and it also includes all 10 hours of case consultation required for completion of basic training under the revised standards of the EMDR International Association at no additional expense.  Dan has developed and refined the training curriculum with the express intention of helping each clinician begin to use the EMDR method with clients by the conclusion of the training.  Applicants are screened to insure that all trainees have an active clinical practice and adequate clinical experience working with traumatized clients.  This insures a robust and stimulating training experience for all.

Advanced EMDR Training:

These weekend workshops are designed for clinicians who have completed an EMDRIA-approved basic EMDR training program and who wish to deepen their understanding of EMDR principles, protocols and procedures.  Building on the basic precepts of the model, clinicians will be able to enhance their ability to apply EMDR as a comprehensive psychotherapy approach.  Participants will learn about the latest developments in EMDR, case conceptualization, cognitive interweave strategies, advanced applications of the three-pronged approach, and resourcing strategies that can be used throughout the course of treatment.

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