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Basic Training Registration

Registration Information and Training Fees


To be accepted for this training program you must be a mental health clinician who is licensed for independent practice with experience in treating traumatized clients.  If you have questions about this, please follow this link to review the EMDR International Association eligibility criteria before contacting us with questions and/or applying to our training program.  Note that licensed professional counselors with degrees in the expressive arts or in addictions treatment will need to be reviewed by EMDRIA before acceptance into our training.  Please contact EMDRIA directly (512-451-5200) for review of eligibility before applying to our program.  Submit the approval documentation (which can be in the form of an approval email from EMDRIA to you) with your application to us.

You will need to attend all training days in order to receive CEs for this training.  It is expected that you will study thoroughly the Shapiro text and other readings.  Because this training includes an experiential component, you must be prepared to work on personal issues in the training practice sessions.  Participants who are not willing or able to do experiential work on distressing life experiences should not apply for this training program.  If due to trauma, illness, or other stressors, you are not emotionally stable, you should not take the training at this time.  If you have any uncertainties about any of the above, please contact the trainer prior to registering for this training.  As disturbing material can emerge during practice sessions, you should be prepared to seek private treatment If the need arises.

This is not a training for a novice therapist or a therapist with little or no experience in trauma treatment.  Please make sure that your CV or resume reflects your clinical experience.  Please feel free to enclose a letter if you wish to explain in greater detail your clinical experience and current practice context.  We review all applications and do our best to ensure that all participants have adequate clinical experience and have a practice context where the use of EMDR would be appropriate and possible.  An inexperienced therapist or therapist with little opportunity to use EMDR will not derive much benefit from this training and, in this small group training format, might negatively impact the learning experience of others.  Please consider this when you make application for this training.  You will be expected to begin the use of EMDR with at least two cases during the course of this training.  If this is not possible, please apply at another time.  A certificate of completion will not be provided if you are not using EMDR with at least two clients.

Non-licensed clinicians or clinicians not yet licensed for independent practice must be on a licensing track.  Please read this attachment concerning additional information which must be included with your application.

The training facility is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  You MUST Inform EMDRGW at the time of registration if you have special needs so that we can discuss parking and other needs as appropriate.   


Please Mail** or Fax 202-600-2836 ALL OF THE FOLLOWING TO OUR OFFICE 

  1. Both pages of  the Registration Form.  This must reflect your payment selection;
  2. A signed and dated copy of the Participant’s Agreement Form;
  3. A current copy of your CV or resume;
  4. A copy of your current professional license OR if you are not licensed for independent practice, include the additional Licensure Form; and
  5. If applying for a mental health agency discount, include the Agency Discount Form.

Note: Incomplete registrations will delay processing. We MUST receive ALL of these forms to process your registration.

**You may mail the entire package to EMDR of Greater Washington:           3931 Jenifer Street, NW; Washington, DC 20015, (Please, no signature requirement!) but be aware that spaces are filled on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.  If paying by check, we advise that you fax your registration package to our office with a note on your cover letter that the original registration materials and check payment have been mailed.  If your registration is approved, we will hold your space for three business days to allow delivery of your payment.  If you are not accepted for the training, your check will be returned to you.